Friday, July 31, 2009


So Rowin has really gotten fond of calling my arms fluffy... (even though I have been working out and they are slimmin down). Well, we were in the car the other night and he began again talking about my arms and how he likes how they are fluffy. It was a sweet conversation (despite that my arms are being called fluffy) So, here is the conversation:

Rowin: "Mommy, I like your fluffy arms"
Me (hesitantly): "Thanks sweetie"
Rowin: "Big Memaws arms are all wrinkled, why are they wrinkled"
Me: "Well, Rowin.. when we get older our skin wrinkles.."
Rowin: "All my grandmas are wrinkled..." (side note: he was really speaking of his Great-grandmas! He clarified later)
Me: "Yes, that is because they are older"
Rowin: "You aren't wrinkled mommy. And I don't have wrinkles.."
Me: "No I am not, thank you baby" (This totally made up for my fluffy arms ;)
Rowin: "I don't want you to get wrinkled because then I wouldn't be your son any more."
Me: "Oh sweetie.. You are always going to be my son, and I am always going to be your mommy! That will never change!"

The conversation continued with me explaining how someday I would be a grandma and how he will always be my son and I will always be his mommy. So then, today he asked me when I was going to be a grandma.. and I told him a long time from now.. when he gets married and has kids of his own! He's only four! Sheesh! I still have 20 more years before I get wrinkles right?! :) HAHA!


  1. Yeah, my four-year-old tells me that he doesn't like my butt. I'm not sure why he feels compelled to tell me that, but it's great for the ol' self-esteem :).