Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mommy Guilt

There are times as a mom that I feel guilty for what happens to my kids or what happens while I am busy with another child or what happens right under my nose :) . I have decided though that I am human and I could put a spin on what other people might see as lazy or bad parenting I am looking on the bright side of things :) so here you go from mommy guilt to mommy pride! :)

Mommy guilt (MG): My son peed in the bathroom trash cans! (That are right next to the toilet?!)
Mommy pride (MP): My son did not pee in his pants or on the floor!

MG: My son squirted shaving cream onto the kitchen floor and in attempt to clean it up.. made a bigger mess!
MP: He was apologetic and he attempted to help me clean up a mess!

MG: My two year old son bit off some crayon while using it as a teething stick.
MP: My two year old allowed something in his mouth voluntarily! (At least he spit out the crayon.. I know for sure he wouldn't swallow it!)

MG: My son can quote "Little Bear" episodes word for word.
MP: He is working on his acting and his memorization skills are phenomenal!

MG: My son can sing along with the opening for the Nick Jr. on Demand.
MP: He is developing his pitch! (Daddy would be proud about this one)

MG: My two year old son shuts himself into a room (with french doors with windows) and plays for an hour by himself and gets upset when people open the doors
MP: I am teaching him self confidence and independence!

MG: I rarely fix my boys hair before school or church for that matter.
MP: I am teaching them not to be vain and they are in style.. isn't the messy look still in??

ok... so I think that is enough of me revealing stuff about me. I know I am not the only one out there.. :) just trying to make other people feel good :) hehe.

I hope you all are doing well.. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Rowin's outfit yesterday. He is in the business of dressing himself and picking out his clothes... Plaid Shirt with patchwork plaid shorts! (He claimed that they matched?!) If he wears it again... I will snap a pic!

Have a great day!