Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark!

I just wanted to tell Mark "Happy Birthday"! And show everyone the guitar cake I made for him last weekend when we celebrated with his family. I also wanted to pay tribute to a wonderful husband who has worked his butt off for us. He is doing an awesome job at his new business that he started and I am so proud of him! He is awesome at training those teachers! Everyone loves the "Hot Smartboard trainer"! haha! :) He is hot, but he is mine ladies... so back off! :) hahahaha. He is also doing such a wonderful job at leading worship at our church and soon there will be a cd out that he has recorded to benefit Elliot's school, that is too awesome!

Well, now that I have made people ill I will let you go... Talk to you soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Elliot!

Wow! It's hard to believe that Elliot was born two years ago tomorrow?! On Friday he took his "first" official step with his walker! He hated every minute of it but he is getting there.. we are just trying to get him to like standing! sheesh! I don't know if I ever wrote his birth story... I know everyone has heard most of his story, but I don't think we ever wrote about his birth. So, here I go....

It was a Friday morning when I woke up with weird cramps every ten- twenty minutes, and I was spotting a little. Mark was getting ready to go to Hot Springs for a conference, I told him to go on, but to stay close to his phone. I was only 35 1/2 weeks.. so I didn't know what to think. But as the cramps got closer together I decided to call Mark (who was only in Maumelle by this point) and he told me he was coming home and we were going to the hospital. We dropped Rowin off at sweet Bridget's house thinking we would be back later that day. I was monitored at the hospital all morning, and no one seemed to take my pain too seriously because the contractions I was having weren't showing up real strong on the monitors. At one point I was crying because of the pain, and the doctor asked me why I was crying?! OOOhh I could have kicked him. Around 1 they decided to put me in a room under 24 hour watch and give me some Breathene to stop the contractions. I was only dialated to a 2-3 and the contractions weren't strong or very hard, but really painful- a weird painful. Well, thank goodness my doctor left after 5 and a new doctor came on. Mark went to go check on Rowin at Bridget's and get some dinner and Bridget came up to visit me. Well, about that time.. the new doc came in and said he had looked over everything (monitor sheets) and didn't like what he had been seeing had been happening to the baby's heartrate after my contractions. Every time I had a contraction, Elliot's heartrate would drop significantly. Don't ask me why someone didn't catch this before?! Anyway... he did an ultrasound to look at E's position and see how far down he was. After that he told me he wanted to put me back into labor or deliver via c-section. I was scared to death! We called Mark and told him to come back up quick (luckily he was only 2 minutes away). I cried (more like bawled) and with the help of my mom and Mark we decided to do a c-section. So.. they prepped me and off I went. While strapped to the table numb from the chest down I made jokes to distract myself and pass the time. When they finally opened me up and got Elliot out... we didn't hear a sound. He was silent... it was the longest time of my life, waiting to hear any noise coming from him.. I looked over at Mark with tears in our eyes we just waited... and then finally a sneeze came out! We laughed a little... and sighed a big relief. The OB looked over at me and asked if I had had my triple/quad screen done... I said yes.. I never heard of any abnormalities with it. He then said, well, I believe and so does the pediatrician, that Elliot may have Down Syndrome. I remember, crying and just saying over and over again..."I love him, I love him, I love him..." I just wanted him alive! Mark did get to hold him briefly and let me kiss him and see his cute little face... but.. The rest of the night was a blur with him being wisked off to the NICU at Arkansas Children's. And the the next 103 days were a blur too... that is how long he stayed in the NICU. Our life has been a roller coaster, but I wouldn't trade any of it... God is good. Elliot is a joy to us and to those around us! Happy Birthday E- man!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Hey! I decided since our xanga had deminished and hasn't been updated in five months that I would start anew! Rowin just turned 4! Elliot is turning 2 in two weeks and Maggie is four months! Time is flying by! Mark will turn 28 at the end of the month! And in May we will celebrate 6 years of marriage! Please feel free to keep up with us via this new blog.. I hope to write about the kids adventures along with some stories of Mark and I's journey in parenthood. I titled our blog "Bennett's" the Musical because there is constant song and verse around our house. Rowin and Mark are singing constantly and Elliot and Maggie, well, they add their own musical interpretations :). I sing in my own way... "a little quieter please...go to the music room... please don't wake your sister up!" hehe you get the idea. I love the music that goes on in this house... some would call it noise, I call it music.. I know one day the music will fade and it will be quiet around here and I won't know what to do with myself.. So I choose to embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts! I challenge you to do the same in your house. I am excited I am joining the blogger world again!