Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conversations with a 4 year old...

So, Rowin is pretty darn funny... He has said some things over the last couple of weeks that I have to document for memories sake!
Now when you read these, imagine the most expressive tone and pauses between each word... and with excitement and suspense...
"When I grow up and be a guy...I will get hair in my nose like Dad!"

now.. he has been talking about how God is in our hearts... so keep that in mind.

Today we were playing around with a stethoscope and I was listening to his heart. I told him to be quiet so I could hear...and he asked,

"Why? is God kicking in there?" I was confused at first and asked him to repeat what he said, and then I realized and said, "Oh, because God lives there?" and he said "Yeah!"

HaHaha! Hilarious!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Catch Up

So.. I am not very good at sticking with the blogging. I am too interested in everyone else's blog to update my own... on top of the fact that I have three children (like that doesn't keep me busy enough?!) and the fact that I am a little addicted to craigslist and finding good clothing deals for my children. Anyway, all that to say.. sorry.

Elliot is starting to walk with his walker really well. He does not like it, but I think he is getting used to it. He really enjoys this new butt scoot where he just scoots around like a dog does when whiping it's butt on the carpet! ha! I just thought of that wonderful example for you all. Anyway. It was my goal for Mr. E to walk from the front door of school to his classroom the first day back from their spring break... and he did it! It was awesome! He had a cheering squad and now when he does it he looks around, like why is no one cheering?! Let me just tell you how thankful I am for Elliot's school! Those three week breaks challenge me!

Rowin is becoming ... hmm.. can't find the right words. He asks a ton of questions and demands good answers. He is hilarious! Right now he is singing a song of nonsense words, which he does quite often. He also sings real songs and he sings alot. He wants to be going somewhere all the time. He just wants to be doing something all the time. Right now he is hiding plastic easter eggs so I can go hunt them. The other day he said.. "when I grow up and be a guy I will get hair in my nose like daddy!" HAHAHAHAHA! Cracked me up!

Maggie is a doll! Her daddy is smitten and so is her mommy! :) I am so thankful to have a baby girl! She is sweet and such a good baby! Like today when she was stuck in her carseat all morning while I volunteered at the school... she just played and talked! She loves to eat and will soon be weighing more than E! She is trying hard to scoot/crawl, it will be no time. My world is going to turn upside down! Elliot walking and her crawling?! what will we do?!

Mark's new business is doing well. He loves it! He loves teaching teachers and he is good at it! And he loves his job at Asbury. Loves leading others in worship! Here is his new blog check it out.

Me-I am being, doing, living, going. I am really enjoying being a mom and wife. I sometimes don't know if I am coming or going or staying.. but this to shall pass. I enrolled my baby (Rowin) in Pre-K!? I am entering a new phase of life soon... so I am going to try and reming myself to enjoy this phase while it lasts.
Until next time... have a great day!