Monday, June 22, 2009

Mini Laps 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

Can you believe it's almost been a year since Elliot started school at The Little Light House?! It's the best thing that's happened to Elliot! He has grown so much over the past year, and we are going to get to celebrate all he has accomplished at school September 26, 2009 at Mini Laps! Yes, it's that time again! If you don't remember or we didn't get to share with you last year, Mini Laps is a morning where we celebrate all the miracles and milestones the kiddos at the Little Light House have accomplished over the past year. Last year we got to celebrate Elliot being accepted into school, and learning how to sit up in just two weeks of being there! This year…. Drum roll please… we will get to celebrate Elliot WALKING around that track! He has gotten to be a pro at cruising around in his walker, but we hope (fingers crossed) that he will be taking off without it J.

Wouldn't you like to be apart of that? Elliot is motivated by school and all his friends there. He would not be excelling this much without The Little Light House. Did you know that The Little Light House runs solely on private donations? They do not accept any government funding or United Way money. They want to be able to keep being a ministry and teach the Bible to these precious children. It takes people like you and me who are willing to support them and their wonderful ministry to keep them going. As I sit here and write this letter to you, my eyes are welling up with tears just thinking about this school and how much it has done for just our family, let alone the other 64 families that are enrolled right now. I can't or don't want to imagine Elliot's life without The Little Light House, do you? I know that the economy has a lot of people worried, but even $5 will make a difference. You can eat in one meal can't you? Please help us pull together to support Elliot and cheer him on this year! Let's see how much money we can raise for this wonderful school and motivate Elliot to walk without his walker (maybe if I tell him how much money people are giving to see him walk, that will motivate him ;) haha!!)

So, here is how: log onto and make an online donation in Elliot's name, it's that easy!

Thank you all in advance! I will be sending you pictures of Elliot walking across that finish line in September!


The Bennett Family- Mark, Andrea, Rowin, Elliot, and Maggie

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