Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't let life pass you by...

So life is flying by... Maggie is over 10 months old and always on the go.. about ready to walk any day now, Elliot is hitting milestones left and right, and Rowin, well, he is going to PreK tomorrow! (since starting this post yesterday, I have officially dropped my baby off!) We went by and met his teacher The other day. It was exciting and scary all in one! She was super nice and his school is lovely and full of other kiddos! I mean it was overwhelming for me to see all these kids his size and older and know that I am just throwing my baby to the wolves! Rowin is tough and brave and a wonderful kiddo and I know he is going to thrive there! He is so social and very inquisitive.. he will give his teacher a run for her money I am sure! ;)

Now for Elliot.. he learned to climb up the stairs the other day to my surprise. I was sitting at the computer and he was sitting at the bottom of the stairs playing as usual. Then I heard an unusual sound: someone going up the stairs?! Sure enough I went to the stairs to find him four stairs up smiling away! I eventually let him climb up the entire way.. and he was laughing the whole way! He was so proud of himself and so was I! :) He is starting to pull up to furniture and even cruise along furniture! The other night I caught him trying to feed Maggie from and empty spoon! :) Then she returned the favor later by offering him his sippy cup! :) too cute! Last night I put him in his room and went to get his sippy cup from down stairs, and came back to find him sitting on top of the toy box! I have no idea how he climbed up there, but he sure did! Oh! and he has taken a liking to the drums!

Maggie, sweet Maggie.. she is such a joy. There is something special about having a baby girl. She adds a whole new dimention to our family: drama, beauty, daintiness (if that's a word ;)), sweetness. She is growing up way too fast. She is also pulling up to furniture and cruising along (she is motivated by her brother who likes to attack her). She is attached to me lately, but fortunately does fine in the nursery as long as she has someone to cling to there ;).

Mark is busting tail at work... he is going to be gone out of town three out of five days for the next couple of weeks. Then things should settle back down. He also just released his CD "Healing Songs (for Elliot)". You can email me or leave me a comment to find out how to purchase one! All proceeds benefit the Little Light House! They are only $10 and Mark sang and played all the music on the cd. They were songs that were on Elliot's ipod while he was in the NICU.

Me, well, I am just being a wife and mommy. Trying to stay sane ;) and right now.. a little bothered by the quiet in my house! :) I am doing quite a bit of volunteer work for Elliot's school and I am sure I will be suckered into doing some for Rowin's school soon. Enjoy the pictures! For some reason, my pictures aren't showing up! hopefully, I can get them up soon!

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