Friday, May 8, 2009

Too much in one week!

So, Maggie is growing way too fast. She is doing so much way too soon. This week, she has started clapping! :) She is getting her FIRST tooth (which both boys did not do until they were over a year old!?)! and she is now very mobile! She started really scooting and going places. My world is turning upside down. With her and Elliot mobile, and Rowin the power-ranger, kung fu, pirate, superhero that he is.. I don't know what I am going to do with myself! You may hear about me in a couple of weeks on the news as the woman who locked herself in her closet with chocolate and dr.pepper and ear plugs! :) haha! if only right? Maybe that is what I should ask for for my mother's day present? Three straight hours of silence, all the chocolate I could want (without the calories of course) and maybe step it up to some wine ;) ! hahaha.
With that being said.. I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's day! and gets some time to themselves, be it, while going to the bathroom, a ten minute stroll around the block, or if you are lucky enough, a night alone!

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